Richmond Opiate Abuse Has a Possible Solution

Opiate abuse in Richmond could lessen with a new state law, which says pharmacists can prescribe the opiate antagonist naloxone under more lenient rules. Virginia officials are hoping to make naloxone widely available to laypeople who around when a friend or loved one overdoses from opioids like oxycodone and heroin. Naloxone saved the life of 26-year-old Brandi Fincham, who overdosed during a heroin relapse last year. Drugs like these can save the lives of those suffering from opiate abuse.

Drug treatment centers in Richmond VA offer naloxone as a step-down drug in their detox centers. For more information on how they can help with opiate abuse, seek out a center today.

What is an Opiate?

Opiates refer to drugs such as morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl and codeine. Some people may be familiar with the term opioids, which includes synthetic forms of opiates like OxyContin and heroin. These drugs can lead to powerful addictions. Opiate addiction involves physical and psychological dependencies. Opiates produce feelings of euphoria, although these are short-lived. Users also can quickly develop a tolerance for these drugs, which increases the risk for overdose.

The Ins and Outs of Opiate Addiction

Addiction to an opiate entails physical, mental and behavioral symptoms. Addicts will frequently obsess about obtaining and using the drug, and their life begins to revolve around it. Sometimes people addicted to opiates will "doctor shop" in order to gain new roads of access to the substance of abuse. It is sometimes difficult for doctors to tell if a patient has developed an addiction, particularly if that patient as a legitimate medical need for the drug. Most doctors at Richmond rehab centers monitor their patients' opiates use quite closely. However, doctors cannot control patients who decide to increase their doses on their own or obtain prescriptions for the drug from other doctors.

Visit Metro Richmond Narcotics Anonymous ( meeting today for much needed support through your journey. During NA meetings, fellow addicts speak about their drug use and how it has impacted their lives. Each addict is assigned a sponsor who can be there whenever you are going through drug cravings or on the verge of relapse. You don't have to struggle alone.


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