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The Coleman Institute, is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab in Richmond, Virginia. Focusing on changing the lives of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, the addiction counselors at The Coleman Institute aim to do everything in their power to make their patients feel comfortable in their newfound surroundings and provide them with the most effective treatment possible.

Treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have contributed to the birth of the addiction, is paramount when being treated at a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond, Virginia. This, amongst other reasons, is why The Coleman Institute offers certain treatment approaches that have been proven to work. These treatment approaches may include: Personalized Treatment Plan. Addiction treatment options are available to Adolescents, Adults, Seniors or older adults and The Coleman Institute accepts specific insurances, such as: Most Insurances.

It's important to strive in helping those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to build a solid foundation for a renewed and improved future. Despite the severity of an addict's addiction, recovery is possible. With the proper treatment plan in place, addiction treatment patients can accomplish all of their goals and more. Get in touch with The Coleman Institute by visiting their website at to get started.

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Google Reviews

  5.0   3 years ago

This place is amazing. The staff truly cares. They did everything they could to make a tough situation as comfortable as possible. Thank you so much!!!

  3.0   3 years ago

Had a bad experience with the benzodiazepines made me feel a lot worse and I'm suffering now a lot.I had to increase my benzodiazepines dosage and I'm still suffering.although I hope to get help again from Dr coleman to get off my benzodiazepines

  5.0   3 years ago

To say this place is a God send is putting it mildly. My fiancée finished the 8 day program yesterday. From the first step in their building he felt like he was at home. April, Erin, Bridget, Lisa, Devin, Joan, Annette and family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts that we have him back. You shared laughs with us, compassion for his well being and have become an extension of our family. We look forward to his continued care in the family care portion of your establishment. Dr. Coleman, thank you for sharing your expertise with others to help them in their recovery. This process has amazed us and shown us that there are caring people in this world for those who are the most lost. Jennifer and Brian

  5.0   3 years ago

I went to the Coleman Institute in early 2018 for an eight day accelerated methadone detoxification followed by a naltrexone implant. The staff was very kind and extremely patient with my support person and myself. They thoroughly explained each step in the process and were accessible by phone whenever we called. That said, at least in my case, the hours following the daily injection were very difficult. The Coleman staff did their best to relieve my symptoms and provide reassurance to me and my support person. Along with the physician’s assistant, the patient support person met with me daily and gave me helpful non-medical suggestions to get me through the process (coloring, visualization, etc...) Although I came in with a good aftercare plan, the staff helped me flesh it out fully and gave additional suggestions to compliment my pre-existing plan. Following detoxification, the staff checked in with me via phone in between appointments and were happy to help in whatever way they could. Overall, the staff was extremely supportive, empathetic, and caring. Opiate detoxification is never pain-free, however the Coleman Institute offers a wonderful starting point and support for people with strong internal motivation and a willingness to stop using and stay clean.

  5.0   4 years ago

The staff is incredibly friendly, helpful, concerned and non-judgemental. On top of that, the implant truly, TRULY works! Its incredible. I have struggled with addiction for over 20 years and I am so grateful to the Coleman institute for helping me.

  5.0   4 years ago

This place is a God send, well worth the time and expense. The staff are knowledgeable and super friendly. Doctor Joan is definitely the best around and nurse Kim is heavenly and personable. If ever in need of sobriety help then this is the place to come too.

  5.0   4 years ago

I have been going to the Coleman Institute for 13 years. This place saved my life and helped me change for the better. The doctors, nurses and staff are amazing.

  5.0   4 years ago

The clinic in Richmond was amazing. I can't begin to thank the staff for their courteous, thorough and professional treatment of my daughter. I would recommend this for anyone in need of their services. Really just a wonderful experience. I wish more people could take advantage of this!

  5.0   4 years ago

This place makes detox so easy you will not believe it is possible. I was on suboxone for a decade after being on heroin for 6yrs. I finish my treatment tomorrow with my implant and I already feel like a new person. I wish every place did things this way. On your first day you will talk to a few people and be given prescriptions to manage the symptoms of withdrawal instead of having another opiate shoved down your throat. You get a shot to boot the opiates out of your brain and you feel sick for maybe a few hours. After that the medicine takes over and you literally sleep away your whole detox. Its amazing. I dont have words strong enough for how easy they make this. I know its expensive but its worth every single penny. If you have ever attempted a detox on your own you know how hard/impossible it is to do. There is nothing easier than the Coleman method. Nothing. I cant say enough amazing things. The staff treats you like a person instead of a junkie, and their method of detox is second to none. Dont let the cost scare you away. It will be the best money you ever spend

  5.0   5 years ago

I give the Coleman Institute a five in its professionalism, organization, caring, helpful, resourceful and unhurried staff. I don't know why all detox facilities don't use Dr. Coleman's method. Addiction runs in my family but as I have witnessed so does recovery. The Coleman Institute understands that people with addictions deserve respect and dignity. Something they don't often get. Mostly because it doesn't just affect the addict but all those that love them or work with them have a lesser quality of life because of the addiction. And it seems to us that it is a choice, and we just want them to make the choice for all of us to have a better life. So we give them less and less respect and dignity and what they really need is more. My granddaughter has been through other detox before and it is so degrading and painful. She said it was like they all felt that she deserved to suffer and maybe she would not go back to drugs. She left there feeling drained, humiliated and worthless. She left Coleman feeling proud of her accomplishment, encouraged and excited for what she felt she could do. At the Coleman Institute they strive to make us all feel deserving of dignity, respect and comfort. I think my granddaughter has a way to go but the Coleman Institute helped me to help her to take advantage of an "it's time to do this attitude" with speed and as pleasant an experience as possible. She says she is ready. The naltrexone implant will really help. I thank you Dr Peter Coleman and Dr Joan Coleman and Rachel for all the support, advice and explanations and information you gave her to help her be successful. The Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and staff were also great as well. A special shout out to Carmen, April and Lisa! We will let you know how it goes!!

  5.0   5 years ago

So they didn't exactly tell me what was going to happen so let me break it down. EVERY one you come in contact with staff wise is incredibly caring and kind. The first day you're there they start you flow sheet of a hearty quantity of sedating meds. For me it was: zyprexa, clonodine,tramadol,Valium, and baclofin. They give you your meds and get you feeling pretty nice then they give you your injection of naltrexone. Now the key thing to remember is you still will feel withdraw HOWEVER it only lasts for 2 hours. No stomach issues just really intense restlessness. Most people hit a "hump day" around day 3 where you think dear god I can't do this but you can. Just put 2 hours on your phone and go with the count down. They tell you this when you get there but I wanted to know what it would be like before. I recommend this place highly to anyone on methadone, Suboxone or opiates. You're finished in 8 days instead of 60 days weaning off.

  5.0   5 years ago

The staff here were wonderful through the whole process! We expected the worse with the program (withdraws), but the doctors and employees care for you like you are at home, and try to make you as comfortable as they can. My family was nervous, as we did not know what to expect but my husband has been doing amazing, feeling great, and starting to enjoy his life more each day. Thank you to all the doctors and staff for your support! You will be taught so much about the healing process and the procedure. Awesome place, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is facing addiction. They not only help with the physical issues, but the mental and emotional as well!

  5.0   5 years ago

As a mother of an addict, this place has helped my daughter more than any other facility. You can't buy sobriety, but if the person is ready to get better then this is the place to go! Thank you to all of the TCI staff for saving my daughter's life.

  5.0   5 years ago

As a parent of a child with addiction problems this seemed like a very expensive path to take but so is addiction. If you are ready to leave the enslavement of addiction this program can get you through withdrawals and put you on a path free of opiates. Long term use of opiates cost you more then money. If you have insurance and a month or more to go to a facility that specializing in recovery that may be a better choice. The implant does help with cravings . Good luck to all. Addiction is a terrible way to live

  5.0   5 years ago

The Coleman Institute is amazing! The whole staff is nice, caring, understanding and respectful in your time of need! I would highly recommend them for anyone struggling with addiction! It saved my life!! Thanks to everyone at The Coleman Institute!!

  5.0   5 years ago

Wow Thank God for the Coleman Institute !Don't wait go now. In my life I've experienced many things in the dark world of DRUGS nothing ever had a grip on me as my prescribed pain meds.My pain was better but I had to have opiates or be sick or even function.I researched for many years how to kick opiates nothing worked.I found The Coleman Institute my mistake was not going two years ago.If you are suffering from opiates or any addiction no matter how you got there doctors,streets or fun to mask emotional or physical pain just go you won't be sorry.Best money I've ever spent in my 56 years of life.Feels so good now I'm LIVING! Forever GRATEFUL to all the compassionate people at TCI. , LISA

  5.0   5 years ago

As an addict in recovery, I highly recommend The Coleman Institute for anyone out there struggling with substance abuse. Not only are the nurses and doctors amazing at their jobs, they genuinely care about helping you get clean and stay clean. I have been on the Vivitrol shot for almost a year now, and I can honestly say that it has helped me more than anything I've tried in the past. Thank you to everyone at The Coleman Institute for all you do in helping me maintain a healthy and happy life!

  5.0   6 years ago

I recently finished treatment here. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Coleman. My family and I were treated so well and I felt so comfortable there. My nurses April and Kim helped change my life forever. I will never forget their compassion and just willingness to help me get better. They genuinely care about each of their patients. They are there to see you get better, there not just a facility you'll remember going through treatment. They are like family! It is with their support and guidance that I am discovering I can be the best me for those that I influence and my family. I am now able to pay my life forward and in the turn impact humanity in a positive light. Its very sad how opiate use is affecting so many people and family's. I was scared for so long of the detox and wish I would of gotten help from the Coleman Institute a long time ago. This is the one and only program I would ever recommend to anyone. Please if your struggling with opioid addiction or know anyone that is please check out their center. We drove about 3 hours away but I met many others that drove 12 hours plus! Don't wait, you never know if you'll get another chance!

  5.0   6 years ago

I have battled addiction to opiates from the young age of sixteen. The Coleman institute was the most caring and concerned treatment facility I have ever come across. The protocols they have in place made my detox from methadone easier then I ever expected. This is the one and only program I would ever recommend for someone struggling with addiction. At the end of the detox you have the option for naltrexone implants to help secure sobriety in the beginning months. Dr. Coleman I am eternally greatful to you and your staff for helping me regain my life

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