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The Underlying Science of Substance Dependence

To understand addiction and make steps toward treating it, it is necessary to look at the functioning of the brain and how drugs alter it. When drugs are used, they enter the bloodstream and make their way to the brain. For the most part, psychoactive drugs work by increasing the amount of particular chemical messengers in the brain referred to as neurotransmitters. Whether your drug of choice is cocaine, heroin, ketamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, alcohol or benzodiazepines, they all increase the amount of chemicals within the reward pathway of the brain. The reward pathway is important in reinforcing certain behaviors. With such a large influx in pleasure neurotransmitters upon using drugs, the reward pathway begins to make connections and ensure that drug use behaviors are repeated in the future. The more the drugs are used, the stronger the connection becomes. This is why it can be so hard to overcome addiction. However, you don't have to battle your addiction alone. Medical detox centers in Richmond are prepared to deal with all of the circumstances of an addiction.

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Beginning the Detox Process

The first process any drug addict must complete before beginning treatment is detoxification. The medical detox process is the body's natural means of ridding itself of any toxins that may have entered it. In most cases, alcohol detox or drug medical detox results in the body cleansing itself of drugs as part of a more extensive therapy treatment plan. At Richmond Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers, they provide a comprehensive drug treatment plan to ease your transition from addiction to recovery. The staff includes caring and compassionate professionals available 24/7 for your continued support. It is a goal to provide a safe environment that serves to ease your withdrawal symptoms.

Breaking the Habit and Moving On

Although it can be extremely hard to commit to a recovery program, there is hope available with treatment from medical detox centers in Richmond VA. Once you've made the decision to seek help, you will begin the drug detox or alcohol detox process under supervised care to help restore your body and mind to health. Once patients have completed the medical detox portion of a treatment program, they are then able to begin a number of individual and group behavioral-based therapy sessions. During each session, patients will learn a number of ways to identify and cope with common triggers that may lead to a relapse. Patients will also be educated on the science of addiction, how to build a strong sober support network and various relapse prevention techniques. A healthy lifestyle is possible, and we can help. If you are ready to begin recovering from addiction, give Alcohol Treatment Centers Richmond a call at (877) 804-1531 today.

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