Meth Addiction Recovery in Richmond

Meth is a synthetic drug that acts as a stimulant. It was first developed for medical use to treat extreme cases of obesity and narcolepsy, but is now only very rarely used for that purpose and is mostly sold on the streets as an illicit recreational drug. Meth addiction can hardly be called "recreational", however, as it usually entirely consumes a person's life. Meth addiction recovery in Richmond takes great care in treating addicts who may be grappling with a meth addiction.

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Physical, Mental and Health Effects of Meth

The physical effects are what draw meth users to the drug. They stay awake for long periods of time, often days, and feel a continual sense of euphoria and high energy while the drug is active.

This physical pleasure is paid for with strong health consequences, however. Meth is notorious for inducing psychotic states, or causing users to have sudden mood swings and outbursts of violence or aggression. Users also often have extreme anxiety to the point of paranoia.

Long-term meth users put themselves at risk for many dangerous diseases and conditions such as kidney and liver disease, cardiac infections, brain damage and permanent psychosis. Meth users also appear to age more rapidly, taking on a haggard appearance. A mouth full of rotten teeth, or "meth mouth", is also not uncommon due to the combination of dry mouth caused by the drug, lack of hygiene while high and frequent grinding of the teeth.

Signs and Symptoms of Meth Abuse

While a long-time "tweaker" is usually easy to spot from their appearance, newer meth users will often have twitching eyes and dilated pupils while high. They may also drink fluids excessively and grind their teeth. The sense of energy they get from the meth also tends to make them twitchy. They have trouble standing still and may also talk excessively or say things that are strange and irrational.

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms from meth can include stomach cramps, vomiting, the shakes, fever, elevated heart rate, palpitations and insomnia. Users with severe addictions who have gone off of meth have experienced seizures and fatal respiratory depression in some cases.

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